New Orleans Saints re-sign RB Mark Ingram

Mark Ingram rushed for 964 yards and 9 touchdowns on 226 carries (4.27 YPC) is 2014, but he’s a one year wonder who rushed for 1462 yards and 11 touchdowns on 356 carries (4.11 YPC) in his first 3 seasons combined, after the Saints drafted him in the 1st round in 2011. On top of that, his injury history is concern (14 games missed in 4 seasons) and he doesn’t contribute as a pass catcher (53 catches in 4 seasons). The Saints aren’t breaking the bank for Ingram on this 4-year, 16 million dollar deal, but this is still a fairly significant chunk of change in a league where the running back position is as devalued as it’s ever been. On top of that, the Saints have arguably the worst cap situation in the NFL and probably would have been better off letting Ingram walk and using the younger, cheaper Khiry Robinson in tandem with a rookie in 2015. I don’t hate the move, but it’s not one I would have made.

Grade: C+




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