New Orleans Saints trade G Ben Grubbs to the Kansas City Chiefs

Trade for Saints: The Saints came into the off-season in rough shape cap wise. Getting rid of Grubbs hurts, but it’s an understandable move. Grubbs was a top-16 guard on Pro Football Focus for 5 straight seasons from 2009-2013, but graded out slightly below average last season and now he’s going into his age 31 season. The Saints save 6.6 million in cash and 3.6 million on the cap by letting him got (they also got him completely off their cap for 2016) and getting at least something back in return for him (a 5th rounder) is nice.

Grade: B-

Trade for Chiefs: The Chiefs had arguably the worst guard play in the NFL last season, as Zach Fulton and Mike McGlynn graded out as Pro Football Focus’ 64th and 78th ranked guard respectively out of 78 eligible last season. They will have Jeff Allen back from injury in 2015, but he was Pro Football Focus’ 60th ranked guard out of 81 eligible in 2013 and missing a whole season with injury probably doesn’t help his future. Grubbs wasn’t great last season and he’s aging, but he’ll only be 31 next season and he could easily bounce back, as he was a dominant player from 2009-2013. The Chiefs aren’t paying much for him, a 5th round pick and 6.6 million in 2015, and can cut him without penalty after the season if he continues struggling, so it’s a solid move.

Grade: B




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