Kansas City Chiefs extend G Ben Grubbs

The Chiefs traded a 5th round pick to the Saints for Ben Grubbs last week. I said it was a decent move for the guard needy Chiefs because, while Grubbs did grade below average last season and while he is going into his age 31 season, he graded out as a top-16 guard from 2009-2013. His salary for 2015 was scheduled to be 6.6 million, but he wasn’t guaranteed anything beyond 2015 so, if he struggled again in 2016, he could be cut without penalty. The Chiefs have ripped up that old deal, however, and have given him this new 4-year, 24 million dollar deal. This new deal cuts his cap number for 2015 and his average annual salary, but in return, it gives him 8 million guaranteed, essentially ensuring that he’ll be on the roster in 2016. It’s a risky move considering he had a down year last year, but there’s a chance that guaranteeing part of his 2016 salary doesn’t end up hurting them.

Grade: B-




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