Cincinnati Bengals re-sign G Clint Boling

Talented guards Orlando Franklin and Mike Iupati got 5-year deals worth 36.5 million and 40 million respectively with 20 million and 22 million guaranteed respectively from the Chargers and Cardinals respectively this off-season. I like both of those deals and thought they were solid values, but the deal Clint Boling signed to stay in Cincinnati is the best of the trio I think. Boling’s deal will only pay him 26 million over 5 years with just 5 million guaranteed.

Boling, a 2011 4th round pick, barely played as a rookie (175 snaps), but he’s been a starter over the past 3 seasons, making 44 of 48 starts (2 of which were at right tackle) and grading out above average in all 3 seasons. He was Pro Football Focus’ 22nd ranked guard in 2012, 18th ranked in 2013, and 19th ranked in 2014. He’s quietly one of the better guards in the NFL and this is a very good value for him.

Grade: A




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