Chicago Bears sign S Antrel Rolle

Antrel Rolle was Pro Football Focus’ 9th ranked safety in 2013, but that slipped all the way down to 81st out of 87 eligible in 2014. His 2014 season was more in line with his recent play as he’s graded out below average in 5 of the last 6 seasons. He’s going into his age 33 season now so his play won’t get any better going forward. In spite of that, the Bears are paying him like a starter, giving him a 3-year, 11.25 million dollar deal with 5 million guaranteed.

The Bears did need help in their secondary as projected starting safeties Ryan Mundy and Brock Vereen could have been upgraded, but this move won’t upgrade either of them. Mundy and Vereen, as mediocre as they are, graded out 36th and 54th respectively last season. Rolle can also play slot cornerback, but he won’t upgrade incumbent Demontre Hurst on the slot. Hurst isn’t a great cornerback, but he graded out 51st among cornerbacks last season. This deal is a big overpay, even though it’s not a ton of money. The only redeeming quality of this deal is that there’s no guaranteed money beyond the first year so they can get out of it next off-season, but 5 million over a year is still too much to guarantee Rolle.

Grade: C-




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