Arizona Cardinals sign DE Cory Redding

Cory Redding was Pro Football Focus’ 18th ranked 3-4 defensive end in 2014 and their 11th ranked 3-4 defensive end in 2013. The problem is he’s going into his age 35 season, so it’s hard to trust him going forward. He ranked 27th out of 34 eligible in 2012 and could regress to that level in 2015 given his age. Still, he’s graded out above average in 3 of the last 4 seasons and the Cardinals are risking very little with this 2-year, 6 million dollar deal. He’s only guaranteed a 2 million dollar signing bonus and can be cut after the season with the Cardinals only having paid him 3 million over 1 year. Compare this to the 2-year, 7.5 million dollar deal with 4 million in the first year that Arizona’s divisional rival San Francisco gave to Darnell Dockett, an aging ex-Cardinal and a significantly inferior player, and this is a very solid deal.

Grade: A




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