Buffalo Bills sign WR Percy Harvin

I usually like one-year deals. They are obviously relatively low risk and they keep guys motivated. Often times, they can serve as wakeup calls to players as well. I think all three of those things are true of Percy Harvin’s deal with the Bills, but 6 million dollars on a one-year deal is still a fairly big bet. Harvin has seen his star fade significantly since the Seahawks sent a 1st round pick and a 3rd round pick to the Vikings for him two off-seasons ago and gave him a 6-year, 63 million dollar deal. The good news for Harvin is he got a ring out of the deal (along with a bunch of money), but that’s where the good news ends.

He missed all but 1 game with injury in Seattle in 2013, reportedly caused locker room problems that got him kicked out of Seattle (to the Jets for a 6th round pick), and combined for 51 catches for 483 yards and a touchdown in 2014 between the Seahawks and the Jets. The Jets, unable to work out a restructured contract with him, cut him this off-season, rather than paying him a non-guaranteed 10.5 million dollar salary for 2015. This 6 million dollar salary is obviously less than that, but it’s still too much for Harvin. Even in brighter times in Minnesota, he never went over 1000 yards in a season, missed 10 games in 4 seasons with injury, and had issues at times with his coaching staff. In Buffalo, he’ll re-join ex-Jets head coach Rex Ryan and be an upgrade on the slot over Chris Hogan.

Grade: C+




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