2021 Week 1 NFL Picks

Pick of the Week

NE -3 vs. MIA

High Confidence Picks

BUF -6.5 vs. PIT

WAS -1 vs. LAC

Medium Confidence Picks

ARZ +3 @ TEN

SF -8.5 @ DET

NYG +3 vs. DEN

Low Confidence Picks

LV +4 vs. BAL

HOU +3 vs. JAX

IND +3 vs. SEA

TB -8 vs. DAL

No Confidence Picks

ATL -3.5 vs. PHI

NO +3.5 vs. GB

CAR -4 vs. NYJ

MIN -3 @ CIN

CLE +5.5 @ KC

LAR -7.5 vs. CHI

Upset Picks

ARZ +135 vs. TEN

NYG +145 vs. DEN

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