Indianapolis Colts sign OT Gosder Cherilus

I actually thought Cherilus would be a nice value signing this off-season. Much maligned in his first 4 years in Detroit, Cherilus got healthy this year and actually graded out as ProFootballFocus’ 8th rated offensive tackle. I’m always wary of guys who underachieve and then break out in their contract year, but it’s very possible that the procedure he had on his knee corrected the issue and that he’d continue to be an above average right tackle long term. I also thought he was undervalued because of his history and that he was never as bad when healthy in his first 4 years in the league as he was made out to be.

However, I did a complete double take when I saw what the Colts gave him. He got 34 million over 5 years with 10 million of that as a guaranteed signing bonus. That’s too much money for a right tackle and way too much for one with Cherilus’ history. I don’t know who else would have given him this much money and it was an obvious overpay.

Grade: D




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